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(Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurial Development)


Semester 1

Management Principles and Business Ethics

Organizational Behavior

Accounting for Managers

Managerial Economics

Marketing Management

Quantitative Techniques & Research Methodology

Semester 2

Legal Aspects of Business

Financial Management

Sales and Distribution Management

Human Resource Management

Materials Management

Management Information System

Semester 3

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management

Semester 3 - HRM Electives

Human Resource Development

Industrial and Labour Relations

Organizational Development

Performance Management

Training and Development

Semester 3 - Finance Electives

Banking and Insurance

Corporate Finance

Merchant Banking and Financial Services

Security Management and Portfolio Management

Tax Management

Semester 3 - Marketing Elective

Advertising Management and Sales Promotion

Brand Management

International Marketing

Retail Marketing

Services Marketing

Semester 3 - Operations Management Elective

Total Quality Management

Process Management

Product Design

Project Management

Service Operation Management

Salient Features

Weekly Practice School

Live Projects

Weekly Guest Lecture

Street Smart Business Challenge

Outbound Training

Industrial Visit

Communication Programme