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Bharathidasan University

The Bharathidasan University is named after the revolutionary Tamil poet Bharathidasan. This affiliating University was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu in 1982 with the motto "Well we Create a Brave New World" This University was recognized by the University Grants Commission in 1984. it is a member of the Association of Universities and re-accrediated by NAAC at 'A' level among the Universities.

Aachi Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Development

Aachi Institute of Management & Entrepreneurial Development (AIMED) has been established under the auspices of the Aachi Educational and Research Foundation, founded by Mr.A.D.Padmasingh Isaac, Chairman & Managing Director, Aachi Group of Companies, Chennai.

AIMED is a specialized institution for creating and nurturing entrepreneurial and management talents for the indian industry and is established as a higher education initiative of the Trust.

The corporate and the industrial sectors in India have an ever-growing need for entrepreneurial and managerial skills. it's the belief of this institution that if managers have to perform well, they need to think and act like entrepreneurs who own the business. Our country is known for family businesses. Many large corporates have their growth pattern traced from small family business beginnings.

What is unique about AIMED? AIMED was formed to help students become successful entrepreneurs and performing business leaders in future. Hence the postgraduate Diploma in Management & Entrepreneurship (PGDME) is designed in such a way that every student goes through all the functional and practical aspects of setting up a business and running it efficiently. today's entrepreneurs and managers need the right skill to meet with success in the highly competitive borderless global marketplace.