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At 38, JAYAMARY an B.A., M.B.A Graduate from Southern New Hampshire University (USA) not only

Works as a French Teacher but also teaches four languages like French,German,Spanish,Cambridge English ,Master Trainer for IELTS and also heads the institute called AIMED Academy for Foreign Languages ( AACHI INSTITUTIONS ) in Anna Nagar at Chennai where one can pursue 15 Foreign Languages .

The Teaching extends to enterpreneurs,working professionals& housewives to school and college students.We also conduct “out of interest” programmes for children.


My French teacher in my school days was my inspiration to bring out the best in me. My other inspiration is my French Professor in the college . These two mentors played a vital role in bringing out the best in me. I did my French studies in a Foreign Language Institute.The coaching was very

Excellent.My passion was to be a teacher and now am implementing few of their techniques.


Learning a foreign language also implies that you are introduced in learning a new culture about that country.So when people enrol for learning the language we also impart culture based activities and training .Today many foreign countries like France,Germany,Spain,England,USA,European and Asian Countries are investing a lot in India .So we Have a lot of opportunities to work with them in India as well as abroad.So once we Have one or more of these languages on our CV it’s a lot of credit to us.


I will never give up on teaching, Interpretation and Translation which I have been doing for the last 15 years.Teaching gives me a lot of happiness.Children at school are very precious to me. Teaching always brings a smile on my face. These children are very precious to me.

I learn as I teach them. There is nothing like the feeling of being loved by these children. Even if I don’t go to school one day they come up to to me the next day asking about me. I will not get this affection anywhere else. Teaching a Foreign Languages motivates me a lot.


I have greater plans for tomorrow. I want to open more cultural centres across the globe .My biggest dream is to open many Language Institutes.