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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. Can I know more about AIMED?

Aachi group of companies has decided to bring in change in higher education. With this intention in mind they have designed a unique Post Graduate Diploma in Management and Entrepreneurship (PGDME). This programme has been designed taking into account the industry requirements. Candidates will be given practical exposure in the unique weekly practise school. Each student will be assigned a working professional as their mentor for imbibing practical knowledge. They will be having regular classroom sessions where all management subjects will be taught. In addition there will be guest lecture given by practising professionals from the industry. It is a very good opportunity for the present generation.

2. Why is this programme superior to other run of the mill programme?

This programme is a success oriented programme because we are offering the following unique opportunities which are lacking in many of the other management programmes.

We offer meaningful jobs with good career prospects. Any good management programme should place you in a meaningful job. Many of the other institutes are merely talking about placement assistance and they are not talking about job assurance. This gives us clear distinction from others.

We offer projects in our group of companies itself. Any good management programme should offer students meaningful term projects. Many of the other institutes are coercing students to try hard for projects. They undergo a lot of mental and physical pain and finally accept a meaningless project out of desperation.

We provide practical training to our students through our Weekly Practice School. Any good management institute should provide you plenty of opportunity to learn management education experientially and give you good conceptual inputs during class room sessions. Many of the other institutes are turning management education into a boring class room routine where students end up wasting two years of their precious time with no relevance to the job they are expected to take. This clearly takes us a step ahead of others.

We are training students to occupy responsible position. Since we are planning to hire them as our employees we will certainly pay a lot of attention on the quality of training. With our present managerial bandwidth we can mould them into performing assets. Many of the other institutes are just getting them to face theory exams in a half hearted manner which will not help them in their practical work life. This places us in a higher orbit when it comes to the industry hiring our students.

We will offer the students frequent guest lecture using our own in-house talents as well as by external guest faculty also. We will cherry pick suitable external guest faculty for further refining them. This will give them very good exposure and help them to know the latest developments in the management world. Many of the other institutes organise guest lecture as a rare occurrence. Ours will be an enriched programme based on the quality of the frequent guest lectures.

We are offering each student with a mentor from our internal qualified talent pool comprising excuitives. They will be their friend, philosopher and guide. This mentorship is not offered by any other management institute in India to our knowledge.

We have a very strong brand name which will make them stand apart where ever they go.

We will treat students as valuable partners in progress and groom them to be our future ambassadors. Many institutes treat management students as School kids and do not allow them to learn to use their freedom and blossom as leaders.

This programme equips the person to be both an employee and an employer.

AIMED offers you a meaningful job with career advancement, term projects for holistic learning, Weekly Practice School for practical exposure, mentor to mould you, guest lecture for understanding management holistically, effectively and also the freedom to start leading a life of a professional right from the days they are students. We will be very happy to encourage them to be entrepreneur to make it big.

3. Who can join AIMED?

Students who have successfully completed a degree programme (3 year or more duration after 10 and + 2) which is recognised by University Grants Commission (UGC) can enrol. Those who have successfully completed any one of the following courses like ACS, AMIE, BA, BAMS, BArch, BASLP, BBA, BBM, BCA, BCom, BCS, BDS, BE, BEd, BFA, BFSc, BHMS, BL, BLISc, BLM, BMLT, BMM, BMRSc, BMSc, BTh, NNat, BNYS, BOT, BPharm, BPlan, BPO, BPE, BPED, BPT, BRSc, BS, BSMS, BStat, BUMS, BSc, BSW, BTech, BVSc, CA, ICWA, MA, BSAPL, MASLP, MBBS, MCA, MCom, MCS, MDRA, ME, MEd, MFSc, MHRM, MHSS, MLISc, MLM, MPED, MPH, MPO, MPharm, MPlan, MPO, MS, MSc, MStat, MSW, MTech, MVSc can enrol. You can also check with us for enrolling if you have other degrees.

4. Is this an education programme or an employment offer?

It is both. It offers the best of both worlds. You will study all that is relevant for employment in our management programme. You will also practically learn the job in our various departments during the Weekly Practise School and on successful completion of the programme you shall join Aachi Group Companies for employment or join an organisation where you will be able to grow and shine professionally. For those aspiring to be entrepreneurs even sky is not the limit but it is only the first step. Enrol and take the first step towards a great future.

5. Will they get jobs?

Yes. The first choice of employment will be offered in Aachi Group Companies with attractive remuneration and good career advancement opportunities based on their continuous progress in academics as well as in their job responsibilities. Students who seek placements outside the group will also be assisted appropriately with campus placement options.

6. Where will the students do their term project?

Students need not go searching for projects in different companies. Understanding this difficulty of students AIMED shall provide students projects in their group companies. Students are also free to take up term projects in places of their choice if they desire.

7. Will this programme be useful for those who wish to start their own business?

Yes, this programme will be certainly useful for those who want to start their own business as this programme covers all the essentials that they need to learn. By enrolling in a programme like this they will get a jump start in their endeavour.

8. Will the students be encouraged to be entrepreneurs?

AIMED shall train and fine tune them in all aspects to be a successful Entrepreneur. We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to enrol.

9. Will this programme be useful for those who want to join their family business?

Yes, it will be useful for those who want to join their family business. They can enrol in this programme as it will help them to grow their business successfully.

10. What are the different teaching methods that will be used to teach at AIMED?

Students will learn through interactive class room sessions which will include lectures, exercises, group discussions, role plays, case studies, practise sessions, term projects, industrial visit etc.

11. Is there an age restrictions for students?

We are looking at students who are interested to learn, grow and shine professionally. Age is really not a restriction as it will only improve the diversity of the class and make it more heterogeneous for enhanced learning. They are encouraged to enroll in this programme.

12. Can students with work experience join this programme?

They are most welcome to enroll as they know the great importance of management education. They have already seen from their experience how management professionals have propelled their growth in the corporate world.

13. Will reference books be available for students use?

AIMED has a library with good reference books, video collections, periodicals and journals. More volumes will be added periodically based on suggestions and requirements.

14. Will there be hostel facilities for the students?

AIMED will assist both men and women students to find suitable accommodation in Chennai. Aimed prefers its students to stay as close as possible to the institute.

15. Is this a fulltime programme?

It is a fulltime intensive practical programme to meet the present day industry needs of talented management professionals and also for budding entrepreneurs. Enrolling in this programme will give you the right mix of managerial inputs.

16. What is the future for management students?

The need for qualified management professionals is increasing day by day. With the present strong political mandate this need will continue to grow exponentially. It is the right time to enroll in the right management programme for a great future.

17. Will there be qualified faculty?

All fulltime and visiting professors will be fully qualified and will give the students the best that is possible. They will also give personal attention since we will be admitting limited number of students unlike other institutions. Our professional mentors will handhold them when they need help. Our unique Weekly Practise School will help them to hone their skills for the practical world. Enroll in this programme for great learning experience.

18. What will be the batch size?

In order to maintain quality we will be maintaining a small batch size only. This will help us to give individual attention.

19. What are the other activities of AIMED?

AIMED is also planning to offer need based short duration management development programmes for entrepreneurs and working professionals for enhancing their skills. AIMED also will take up management consultancy work from different organisations. Research will be an ongoing feature.

20. Is there an obligation for students to serve Aachi Group of Companies on successful completion of the programme?

It would be wonderful for students to remember the sacrifice and service this institution has done to shape their future and serve with Aachi Group of Companies. It is equally important that they pursue their goals in life. Even if they join other organisations we are sure they will be our ambassadors where ever they are and bring fame and credit to AIMED. There is no bond or obligation to serve Aachi Group of Companies.

21. What are the expectations of the institute from students who pass out?

We expect them to continue to learn, grow and shine professionally. We want them to be role models for others. We want them to be a great source of help, blessing and inspiration to people around them both in their professional and personal circles. When they have time we want them to visit our institute and share their knowledge on a regular basis. We want them to mentor our students. We are sure they will make us feel proud of them.

22. What will be the institute timings?

Students will start classes by 9 am and will close by 5 pm with adequate breaks in between to recharge themselves. During guest lecture which will be an ongoing phenomenon they may have to stretch a bit.

23. What will be the timing for the weekly practise school?

Students will be expected to clock at least 8 to 9.5 hours a day based on the office timings of the respective companies. There will be no guest lectures on the days of practice school.

24. Will there be a viva voce for the summer project?

The Summer Project will be an important work of your management programme and for your career. You will be allotted a guide from the institute and also a professional guide from where you are doing the project. At the end of the project you will be given a chance to present your project and during the viva voce examiners will ask questions and offer suggestions.

25. Will AIMED provide soft skills training?

AIMED will provide soft skills training programme using competent professionals on a sustained manner and not as a onetime effort. Other training in entrepreneurship and other managerial skills to build their business acumen will also be provided on a regular basis.

26. How should students conduct themselves?

Students should act independently and learn to make it a way of life. They should learn to be responsible. They should learn to think creatively and analytically. They have to use their freedom to grow as professionals who can handle challenging responsibilities.

27. What will be the selection method?

Students’ aptitude for enrolling in the programme along with their academic performance will form the criteria for selection.

28. Are the class rooms air-conditioned?

Yes the class rooms, library, discussion rooms and staff rooms are air-conditioned.

29. What is the medium of instruction?

The medium of learning will be English.

30. How can one obtain the application form for admission to the PGDBE Bharadhidasan University Programme offered?

Please send a demand draft for Rs.500/- drawn in favour of “Registrar, Bharathidasan University”, payable at Tiruchirappalli on receipt of which we will courier the application and prospectus to your address.

If you are in Chennai, you may prefer to meet us and collect the application and prospectus in person.

31. How do you ensure the diversity of the class?

AIMED has the freedom to select students from all over the country and abroad. We will have students with diverse educational backgrounds. We will have students with different work experience and age group.

32. Are engineers / science students more preferred over others?

All graduates who are interested to learn, grow and shine professionally are welcome and will be treated equally. There is no preferential treatment extended to any branch of study because the more diverse the class is the better enriched the learning will be.

33. Will AIMED arrange for educational loans?

Ours is a unique programme with immediate job placements. We will be happy to assist students in the loan enablement process.

34. Will the students with more than 10 years of work experience be considered?

Genuinely interested students with more experience will add more value to the class. In a work spot people of different age groups and diverse background will be teaming together. Realising this truth most good Management Institutes like ours encourage such student.

35. What kinds of questions an interviewee can expect to hear during an interview?

The interview by our team while try to find out what the candidate is good in and avoid finding out what the candidate does not know as practised in many management institutes.

36. What attributes are you looking for when you interview candidates?

Interest to learn, Genuineness, Team skills, Communication skills, creativity etc. are some of the areas in which candidates will be observed.

37. How long do your interviews last?

There is no hard and fast rule but it may take around 20 minutes. Some interviews may be longer to accommodate the other needs of the candidate.

38. What do you want to learn about candidates in GDs?

GD’s generally help to understand the analytical skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills – ability to listen skill fully and meaningfully articulate your thoughts and ideas – your leadership and team skills.

39. Do you expect a thorough knowledge of the topic being discussed?

We expect to the level it is practically possible. The topics suggested are the ones which will easily generate interest and can be handled by a wide spectrum of students irrespective of their background.

40. What to avoid in the GD?

It is suggested that dominance, superfluous words, and abject piousness may be avoided. Similarly rude gestures may be avoided.